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Petition Spells

There are so many different types of spells; one that I’m very drawn to is petition spells so I thought I’d talk a little bit about them here.

A petition spell is when you write what you are asking for on a piece of paper and then read it to the God and the Goddess a couple times in ritual and then burn it. Its fairly simple and straight forward with not a lot of tools required, and I like it because you can make the ritual as simple or as traditional as you want.

Typically with a spell like this you are going to cast your circle and invoke the quarters and the Goddess and the God. You’re then going to read your petition a couple times and then burn it (safely) , I like to repeat my petition while its burning for emphasis..

Here is a sample petition spell, these types of things are always best when they are from the heart though.

I, insert your name, call upon your patron deities to grant me very specifically what you want. I thank your patron deities and ask that it be for the greatest good and harm none. So mote it be.

I find it helpful to be very specific; the Great Ones work in mysterious ways and if you aren’t specific about what you want they may end up giving you their version of what you asked for…you may not like their interpretation.

Just a little something to start making up for my absence.

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Getting My Life Together

Hi Followers,
I really must apologize because I haven’t been around the way I should have been lately. I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff and I’m realizing that I need to start trying to get my life back together.
If you’ll just bear with me a little bit longer The Pink Pagan will be back in full force with a new zest for life.

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