FireLight Hall Part 2

22 Feb

Enjoy the second installment of FireLight Hall

*disclaimer* I wrote this, so, its my intellectual property.


Firelight Hall was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside; high vaulted ceilings with floor to ceiling glass windows that faced the lush green forest that covered the back lawn of the school. “I can’t believe we get to go to school here” I said in awe, staring at the rich brown wainscoting and rich red paint on the walls. Sasha and I stopped in the middle of the main entrance, “There aren’t any signs, which way is South hall?” she asked, looking around at the four hallways that came off the main room.  I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and looked at the floor, “There’s a sign right here”. We both looked down at the floor at the large compass tiled into the floor; North, East, South and West all clearly indicated.

“This place is so amazing”

“And we haven’t even met any of the boys yet” Sasha smiled as she watched the other students walk up and down the halls. I laughed as we followed the South hall down to our room. “So what tradition are you?” Sasha asked me as we continued down the hallway.

“My family is fairly traditional Gardnerian Wicca; initiation, very complicated rituals, levels. The whole nine.”  Thinking about the arguments I always had with my family over my path made me feel sick to my stomach, there had been so much distaste when I told my parents that I didn’t want to be Gardnerian. There were four generations of Gardnerian Wiccans in my family and I was going to break that lineage; my parents weren’t pleased. “But I’m an eclectic, I just can’t wrap my head around going skyclad and the rituals seem so complicated.”

Sasha smiled softly at me as we walked “Skyclad rituals, I never quite understood the appeal of doing rituals outside naked. I’m 5th generation English Faerie tradition myself, I can only imagine how my parents would react if I said that I didn’t want to follow the tradition.” We stopped when we reached 212 South, the door was unlocked so we walked in.

“Bloody hell” gasped Sasha, “this place is magnificent.” The dorm room had the same red walls and warm wooden wainscoting as the rest of the school, but what really surprised both of us was how spacious it was. I heard about university dorm rooms; two people sharing a room no larger than a cubicle, but this room, all the dorms at FireLight Hall, could fit a small family. Straight across from the front door was a spacious living area with a plush couch and two chairs, to the direct left was a beautiful, if small, kitchen with every appliance two university girls could need. “I need to see my bedroom” I laughed, putting my suitcase on the ground and walking towards one of the closed doors on the right side of the living room.

“Oh my goddess!” Sasha squealed from the other room “We have canopy beds! I’ve always wanted a canopy bed”. The bedrooms were magnificent; a huge window facing the forest with a slight view of the clearing in the middle, a massive canopy bed, large wooden desk and a beautiful empty altar table in the north corner of the room. On the desk there was a piece of paper, as I picked it up I saw that it was a letter to all first year students from the school administration.

Welcome to FireLight Hall,

You are about the begin a journey unlike you have ever experienced, you have all grown up in Wiccan traditions of some form or another but FireLight hall will provide you with a type of education you’ve never really experienced.

In your living room you will find your academic schedule as well as maps of campus and a schedule of social events for the coming months. The first of these events will be a full moon ritual and welcoming celebration in the forest clearing at sunset this evening. At this event you will be able to meet your fellow students, the teaching faculty as well as celebrate the September full moon esbat.  As you settle into your dorms and meet your roommates please take time to read the following rules for all students that are effective immediately; these rules hold for all students and faculty and are in place to allow you to gain the most from your four years at FireLight.

  1. Cell phones are not permitted at FireLight Hall (You will notice that you do not get a cell signal, we did that for a reason—landlines have been provided in each room. You are free to call anywhere you would like)
  2. Computers are not to be used except during your one scheduled period a day.  (Computer rooms can be accessed 24 hours a day through the schools administrative team if you have an emergency)
  3. Sabbat and Esbat events are required for full academic completion.

The administration at FireLight hall feels that these three regulations will allow you the most beneficial experience at FireLight hall. We look forward to seeing you at the full moon ritual and hope you are very comfortable in your room.


FireLight Hall Administration


Just as I finished reading I heard a shriek from the other room, “NO CELL PHONES?!”

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