FireLight Hall Prt 1

19 Feb

So, I mentioned a while ago that I was considering writing a fiction about students at a Wiccan University. And well, here it is. Its purely for enjoyment on my part so I thought that I would share it with everyone. Comments and notes are more than welcome.

*Disclaimer* This is my creative property.

The only thing I could really think about was how beautiful the building was; at least 200 years old, constructed of bricks that were aged and multi-coloured. Set on a back drop of a cloudless blue sky, lush green fields and thick forests; it was the most magnificent place I had ever seen in my 20 years of life.  I was in awe because this was where I was going to school, and not only was I overjoyed to be able to leave home to go to university but I was just as thrilled to be able to go to school with people just like me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my hometown consisted entirely of people just like me but it was such a small town that I was the only person my age. I lived in a world where I was surrounded by either parents or children, there were no young adults and I’d never been to school. My parents had taught me well and I loved being home schooled, but there was something about the prospect of being able to go to university and be surrounded by people my own age who understood what it was like to be on the path that made me hopeful for everything that would happen here.

“Sorry about that!” he shouted as he ran past me.  I was so caught up in my hopeful daydream that I barely noticed the guy who bumped into me on the main path, knocking my suitcase out of my hands and spilling all my clothes on the ground. “Yeah, no problem” I muttered to myself as I crouched down to put all my clothes back into my turquoise plastic suitcase.

“People can be so impolite, can’t they?” said a female voice, I turned around and there was a girl with shoulder length brown hair kneeling beside me helping me gather my things.  “Maybe he was late for something”

“That’s very optimistic of you.”

“I try to see the best in people.” Once all my things were back in my suitcase we both stood up. “Thank you” I said to this helpful woman

“No problem” she smiled “I’m Sasha, this is my first day.”

“I’m Moira; it’s my first day too. I’m in South hall.” Sasha and I started walking towards the main building. “I’m in South hall too actually” Sasha smiled brightly, “I’m in 212 South.”

I laughed to myself; I couldn’t believe the coincidence of it all. “Then I guess we’re roomies, I hope you don’t snore.” We both laughed as we walked up the main stairs and under the large sign greeting all the first years.

Welcome To FireLight Hall

    University for Wiccans

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