What Paganism Offers

18 Feb

Hi guys, sorry its been so long. Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day.

I was chatting with my betrothed over lunch yesterday about things I should write about and he offered the topic of “What Paganism Offers” and I thought it was a fantastic idea so that’s what this post is going to be about.

Why do people choose Paganism? What does it offer that other faiths do not? Why might a person choose Paganism over Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc?

I think the first thing to consider is that Paganism (Wicca in specific) offers a very positive look at the female deity. It offers a Goddess and a God, male and female in harmony– the female aspect is usually more prevalent actually. In a world where women are still fighting for their place honouring the female aspect, female energy can be very affirming and reassuring. The “Big Three” offer a monotheistic male God with very little female aspect available.

Paganism also offers the ability to commune with nature in a very real way– to have the entire Earth as your temple and your place of worship. Paganism shows us that the Goddess and the God are in everything; the grass, the trees, the sun and the moon. Whenever we are out enjoying nature and everything it has to offer–that is when we worship.

My betrothed told me that Paganism also offers us choice. It offers us a choice of deity; Celtic, Egyptian, Norse, Greek– whichever culture or deity speaks to you than that is what you choose. You are not bound to one particular God or Messiah. For instance, I am of Scottish decent and, therefore, the Celtic gods speak to me; however, I feel as though I don’t know enough about Celtic mythology at this point in my journey to be able to use them effectively in my practice so I honour the Goddess and the God with no specific names. When I am more educated about the Celtic mythos specifically I can then change my practice to honour the Gods of my ancestors.

In terms of choice Wicca offers us the option of paths; Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Faerie, Dianic or eclectic. Wicca also offers the choice of using magic or not, using traditional ritual or not, having an altar or not. In my belief, there is no right or wrong way to honour the Great Ones. I believe that as long as an individual lives by the 13 Goals, or the Rede then they should do their practice however they see fit.

I feel as though the last post I’m going to make on this topic is magic. Wicca offers us magic. I’m sure many of us feel as though we have no control over our own lives, that we are simply at the mercy of fate and the universe. Magic gives us the opportunity to change that, to have a little control over our own lives. Magic allows us to use our energy and put it out into the world in order to strike change and take control. I know that has always been something I’ve loved about being a Wiccan– being able to sit in front of my altar and sum up my energy to strike change in my life and the lives of the people I love and cherish.

Obviously Wicca and Paganism is not for everyone, but this post summarizes why someone may find Paganism to be what they have lost. I have often read that becoming a Wiccan or Pagan is like putting a name to what one already feels. For myself, and for others I’m sure, finding Wicca was like finding yourself and coming home.


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