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05 Dec

So, now comes time for the “blog” part of this podcast blog. In this post I’m going to talk about some must see Pagan/Wiccan websites, blogs and other podcasts. URLs are always best when you can read them and click them rather than me saying them too fast and you have to write it down. So, as you’re reading, if you’re interested just click the link and enjoy.

So, first things first.

I think the best website for all things Pagan is The Witches’ Voice and the reason this website is so useful is because it not only has new articles almost every day, it offers links and resources to stores in your area as well as online, it also can help you find covens or open circles in your area, there are also book reviews and a tonne of other great information so if you haven’t already checked out this website you must.

A great news blog is The Wild Hunt; I’ve been following this blog on and off for a while now and I have always found that this blog is a great resource for information and news relative to the pagan community. Not only does the blogger post their own articles but they frequently do a “Link Roundup” where they link you to other articles across the internet.

If you are a fan of Starhawk, like I am, then you’ll enjoy Starhawk’s Blog–although it is a bit more about her environmentalist activism, and permaculture she is always  a great source of information surrounding the Goddess and the earth. If you haven’t read any of her books, you should, start with her fiction “The Fifth Sacred Thing” and go from there.

If you are, like me, a Pagan jewellery junky than just search Pagan or Wiccan on Etsy and you will not be disappointed. Great prices and lots of different stores and artists. Something for everyone.

I’m going to throw out a couple Wiccan/Pagan social nertworking sites; I feel as though they need no explanation because most social networking sites are the same; chats, blogs, forums, etc.

When looking at social networking for Paganism/Wiccanism/New Age don’t forget Facebook as well; some great Pages to Like on Facebook include;  (note; these aren’t links, just login to your Facebook and search them)

  • Pagan News Now
  • The Witches’ Voice, Inc
  • Witches of the Old Ways, Reborn
  • Starhawk (yup, shes on Facebook)
  • The Domestic Witch
  • Wiccan and Pagan Community

Finally, a couple podcasts that I enjoy/know of. (I’ve posted the links to the podcasts websites, but they are all searchable on iTunes as well)

Shout out and love to TommyElf who does From the Edge of the Circle-I’ve just recently started listening to podcasts and I’m starting listening to From the Edge of the Circle from the very beginning, its going to take me a while to get to the more recent stuff because he’s on Episode 133 but TommyElf is really making me think about things. He’s also got a Texas accent that’s nice to listen to. He’s an extremely intelligent individual and he really makes you think about what you’re doing for the Pagan community. Go and check out an episode.

Another southern podcaster that I love is Brook over at the iPod Witch; Brook is so cute and funny–another great Southern accent. Brook talks about books, gems, does a lot of listener feedback and about her life. A great and entertaining blog to listen to because you can help but laugh when Brook does.

A Canadian podcast that I’ve heard great things about is The Wigglian Way with Sparrow and Mojo. This podcast usually runs anywhere between a hour and two hours; personally, I don’t have the time to dedicate to that but a LOT of people love Mojo and Sparrow (Mojo has a great, stereotypical Canadian, accent) and so if you have the time to sit down for a couple hours than I would recommend this podcast.

Pagan Parents on the Edge is another podcast that I’ve heard lots of good things about, they haven’t posted since July but hopefully they will come back. One day I would like to raise my children Wiccan, so this may be a podcast that I should start listening to back episodes of.

Well folks, I think that’s all the websites and podcasts I have to recommend for you today. I’m sure more will come up and I’ll link you to them as they do. These are some great ones to get you started none the less.

In podcast related news

Since I posted my first episode on Monday the 3rd, I’ve had 41 hits on my podbean! I don’t even have 41 friends! So, I think people I don’t even know are listening and that makes me really happy. So, thanks a tonne!! Again, please feel free to leave any comments regarding this post or my episodes–I would flip if I had listener feedback to bring to the show. Also, if you’d like me to read your comments on the air, please indicate that in the comment itself–I would love to be able to do a listener feedback section like Brook does on The iPod Witch. 

That’s it for now. Only a couple weeks until Yule, so I better start getting my poop together for episode 2 and a Yule show.

Until then, Brightest Blessings and PEACE!

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